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Denver Moon: The Minds of Mars (a novella) (Book 1)

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By Warren Hammond and Joshua Viola

Book One in the Denver Moon series.

Once considered humanity’s future home, Mars hasn’t worked out like anybody hoped. Plagued by crime and a terraforming project that's centuries from completion, Mars is a red hell.

Denver Moon, P.I., works the dark underbelly of Mars City. While investigating a series of violent crimes linked to red fever—a Martian disorder that turns its victims into bloodthirsty killers—Denver discovers a cryptic message left by Tatsuo Moon, Mars City co-founder and Denver's grandfather. The same grandfather who died two decades ago.

Twenty-year-old revelations force Denver on a quest for truth, but Tatsuo's former friend, Cole Hennessy, leader of the Church of Mars, has other plans and will stop at nothing to keep Denver from disclosing Tatsuo's secrets to the world.

Hell-bent on reclaiming her grandfather's legacy, Denver—along with her AI implant, Smith, companion android, Nigel, and shuttle pilot, Navya—set out on a quest to find the answers they hope will shed light on the church's true agenda, the origin of red fever, and the mysteries surrounding Tatsuo's tragic death.

264 pages

Hardcover ISBN-13: 978-0-9986667-2-3
Paperback ISBN-13: 978-0-9997736-6-6
eBook ISBN-13: 978-0-9986667-3-0

Items included:

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  • Hardcover
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • CD Soundtrack
  • T-Shirt
  • 4" x 4" Vinyl Sticker
  • Comic Book Bundle (Murder on Mars, Rafe's Revenge, Transformations)

Some Denver Moon bundles contain a soundtrack. Get a preview of the music below:

The Landing (Celldweller): 1:31

Track Preview:

Red Planet (Scandroid): 4:36

Track Preview:

Oblivia (Scandroid): 4:45

Track Preview:

Cyberpunk Dominion (Blue Stahli): 1:57

Track Preview:

Monochrome [Instrumental] (Scandroid): 4:53

Track Preview:

Singularity (Scandroid): 3:40

Track Preview:

Jericho [Instrumental] (Celldweller): 5:18

Track Preview:

Afterglow [Instrumental] (Scandroid): 5:23

Track Preview:

Future Bloodline [Instrumental] (Scandroid): 4:45

Track Preview:

Terra Firma (Celldweller): 1:55

Track Preview:

Holograms (Voicians): 3:58

Track Preview:

Endless Time [Previous One] (FreqGen): 1:50

Track Preview:

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